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Mistakes Most Forex Traders Are Making

Even if the exact percentage is debatable, the fact is that most Forex traders lose money. Still, Forex continues to be by far the biggest market in the world in terms of trading volume. Why is that? Well, the reason, of course, is the minority of traders who do succeed to profit. And the other

Do Autotrading Systems Really Work?

Do Autotrading Systems Work? Autotrading system are being hyped up today more than maybe any other investment strategy, especially in the world of Forex and stocks. The odds are pretty good that you’ve come across at least a few dozen advertisements for different autotrading systems, promising the moon and the stars when it comes to

How to Make Money by Trading Forex?

Do you know you can trade any currency that exists in the world? This is a secret that many investors use for their benefit. Forex market is prominent due to the need of exchanging different currencies used around the world. The international market does not have a central marketplace to conduct trade forex.  Let us