Ready for Second Rise of Bitcoin?

There may not be a hotter commodity in the world of investing than BitCoin.

The most popular, well known, and valuable of all the crypto currency options out there on the market right now, BitCoin saw incredible growth in 2017 – skyrocketing from next to nothing per individual coin to $20,000 per coin in December 2017.

The first eight months of 2018 have seen a bit of a market correction, and BitCoin value has dropped back down to the $6000/$8000 range for the most part. This downturn has created a lot of skepticism in the crypto currency investing world by rookies and speculators, but veteran investors and those “in the know” understand that BitCoin is poised for another explosion in value – one that could take BitCoin prices to $50,000 per coin or more in no time at all.

Blockchain is going mainstream

The biggest driver behind this optimism for the second rise of BitCoin has to be the mainstream acceptance of the foundational technology behind BitCoin (and all other crypto currencies).

Decentralized is the most exciting aspects of blockchain technology which makes it adoptable to a number of industries.

Blockchain represents the next big evolution in digital technology, but because it is so young companies, innovators, and trailblazers are still wrapping their head around everything it has to offer. The financial community has jumped into the deep end of blockchain, however, embracing its security features almost wholesale.

As more financial companies choose to take advantage of blockchain the value of BitCoin will increase significantly, and it isn’t all that inconceivable for the future of global commerce to be written on the back of BitCoin blockchain technology.

BitCoin’s market cap continues to increase

In May 2018, BitCoin had a market cap of just over $440 billion – and that’s with just slightly over 1600 BitCoin tokens being traded in this asset class.

“When I predicted Bitcoin at $500,000 by the end of 2020, it used a model that predicted $5,000 at the end of 2017. BTC has accelerated much faster than my model assumptions. I now predict Bircoin at $1 million by the end of 2020. I will still eat my dick if wrong.” ——John McAfee 11:56 PM – Nov 29, 2017

Some industry analysts believe that BitCoin will hit $500 billion in market cap by the end of 2018, and it blockchain technology really starts to accelerate as far as its adaptation is concerned we could see BitCoin hit $1 trillion in market cap before the end of 2020.

Because BitCoin has a finite amount of individual coins and tokens available, the upward pressure created by improved market valuation is only going to make BitCoin crypto currency even more valuable.

There are plenty of people – including institutional investors with beautiful corner offices on Wall Street – that are guaranteeing BitCoin will hit $100,000 per coin before the end of 2020.

You might have missed out on the potential to buy BitCoin for pennies per individual coin, but even right now you could see a 10 X, 20 X, or even 50 X return on your BitCoin investment if the market moves the way that many believe it will during this “Second Rise”.

Two BitCoin Trading Systems That Can Change Your Financial Future Forever

To take advantage of this Second Rise of BitCoin, you’re going to need to make sure that your crypto currency strategies are really dialed in.

Two trading platforms, CryptoCoin Sniper and Crypto Crusher, give you an almost unfair advantage over the competition when it comes to recognizing market signals that show upward pressure moving BitCoin in the right direction.

A. CryptoCoin Sniper

The CryptoCoin Sniper program gives you all of the tools you need to quickly analyze crypto currency news from around the world, allowing you to “read the market” the same way that major firms on Wall Street do so that you can make perfectly timed moves to maximize your investment.

Think of this like x-ray vision for the BitCoin investment opportunity!

B. Crypto Crusher

Crypto Crusher is a similar trading platform, showing you all of the “inside information” you need to turn investments of anywhere between $20 and $200 into game changing and life altering returns. The big promise of this platform is how to turn $50 into more than $75,000 – and to do so faster than you ever thought humanly possible before.

You’ll get step-by-step tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies in both of these trading programs. The curtains will be pulled back, you’ll be given instant access to investment advice and training that only the most elite investors around the world have had access to previously.

You will be shown how to get the same kind of market insights the “Big Dogs” get without having years of investment experience under your belt – all by reading and paying attention to the same market information the world’s most successful investors have access to.

Obviously, there’s no such thing as a “guaranteed investment”, but BitCoin is the closest thing to an infinite money machine as there is today. It’s possible to take almost no capital whatsoever and turn it into more than most people make in a year, and to do so in the shortest amount of time possible.

There are plenty of BitCoin millionaires out there right now – will you be the next one?

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